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Posted on august 27, 2014,

Hull-York Lakeland Resource Conservation and Development Council is a non-profit 501c(3) organization that provides coordinated resource conservation and rural development assistance throughout rural America.  For more than 40 years the Hull-York Lakeland RC & D Council has worked in the upper Cumberland area  of middle Tennessee to put projects on the ground that help the environment, promote local tourism, and help provide educational opportunities.


This is done by partnering with communities, local governments, and grass-roots organizations to develop and implement solutions to widespread problems and to develop opportunities that will help sustain rural communities, local economies, and natural resources.  The Hull-York Lakeland RC & D Council works to sustain our quality of life and to work cooperatively to successfully address economic, environmental, and social issues.


recent highlights

Posted on august 27, 2014,

Recent highlights of the Hull-York Lakeland RC & D Council include the following:


  • Conservation Planning Course - Training of Natural Resource Conservation Service and Soil Conservation (NRCS) District employees fom Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, and South Carolina was recently held in Cookeville, TN.  The Hull York Lakeland RC & D administrated the Conservation Planning Course and acted as liason with  technical personnel from the NRCS in course development and with Tennessee Technological University for the training facilities.  Pictures can be seen here.
  • Agrileadership 20/20 Course Enrollment - Plans have been finalized for this course which has been developed on agricultural leadership for the Upper Cumberland region by the various agricultural agencies and organizations.  Applications for enrollment in the current year's class are taken in December of each year.  Click here for more information.
  • Upper Cumberland Quilt Trail - The Upper Cumberland Quilt Trail highlights the quilt treasures of the region with a mission of “Preserving the art and heritage of quilting and related arts and honoring all those in the past and present who have been and are involved in this art form”.
  • York Institute Baseball Field - This project consisted of the completion of a baseball field to be used with the one other sole baseball field in the county.  Local, matching funds were combined with funds from the Baseball Tomorrow Fund (sponsored by Major League Baseball and Major League Baseball Players Association).   
  • Envirothon - The Envirothon is an environemtal competition held for high school students.  The teams, composed from three to five students, are tested on their knowledge of environmental science and natural resource management.  
  • Post Oak Creek  - This project has consisted of the assessment of the water quality of the Post Oak Creek watershed and the eventual implementation of Best Management Practices within the watershed to improve water quality.

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