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Posted on january 10, 2009, 

Post Oak Creek Watershed Project

Post Oak Creek is a sub-watershed of Falling Water River located half in Putnam County and half in White County within the Hull-York Lakeland RC&D Area.  It consists of approximately 8.7 miles of stream channel and drains 16,192 acres of predominately agricultural land.  Most of the agriculture in this watershed consists of beef operations with the primary concerns being overgrazed pastures, unrestricted livestock access to the stream and removal of riparian vegetation.  Resulting water quality testing by TDEC (Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation) in 1998 and 2002 resulted in Post Oak Creek being placed on the 303(d) impaired list due to agriculture.  Several BMPs (Best Management Practices) have been implemented by agricultural producers within the watershed utilizing cost-sharing funds from USDA-NRCS’s EQIP and Tennessee’s Department of Agriculture’s ARCF (Agriculture Resources Conservation Fund).



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Posted on january 10, 2009,



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